Smooth Move Boxes

So I'm the type of girl who likes to store stuff. If I don't need it for the next thirty days its going out of my sight, because clutter really isn't my thing. Books I know I won't have time to read? In a box and to put under my bed. Shoes that I know I won't be able to wear until next winter? Stored in boxes and put on the top shelf of my closet. Winter Coats when the weather is starting to get warm? Well, you get the point, everything I want to save for later I store in boxes. The annoying thing though has always been having to tape up the boxes, and then cut off the tape when I want to get to my items again. 

Thanks to SmoothMove though who sent me a few of their boxes to try out, I don't have to worry about this anymore because they have these fancy FastFold moving boxes that don't require any tape. You just fold them up the way the directions state and you're good to go. They offer four different sizes to chose from, and if you're moving they even have different kits to chose from.

The boxes were delivered on my porch. I was given the File FastFold Moving Boxes , which I found were perfect for any small items. I've actually put a few of my already read books in them so that I can easily take them to donate. I also was giving File Boxes and even though they aren't a part of the FastFold products, they don't require any tape either. Since technically I have my own "business" I have to keep track of a lot of paper work so these boxes will come in handy.
 There are two things that I think are fairly unique to these boxes that I absolutely love. First the handles. I can't count the number of times I've had to carry a box, and ended up dropping it not because it was that heavy, but simply because it was too awkward to properly hold. The second thing I love is that they have a designated spot to write both what room the box is from, and what's inside. This would for sure make a hectic more easier.
 Here are three of the boxes all folded up and full of things to donate to my local Goodwill. Two of them are full of hardcover books, and they held up perfectly. These boxes are seriously strong. 

And here's one of the finished file boxes. Now I had a few minutes trouble getting this one together, but that's just because I was being dumb. On the side of all the boxes there are printed directions that I just wasn't bothering to read. Once I did though it was super simple like the other boxes. I really like that these have detached lids so that I can open and close them often with out it being a hassle.

So if you're moving, or just looking to get a few boxes for storage, be sure to check out

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