Shaving My Legs

 I normally have a big problem shaving my legs so I decided I'd try a different way of doing it. I got out a big bowl, filled it with super hot water, got a beach towel and set it on the ground in the sun. I then went about shaving like normal. I was hoping that doing it this way I wouldn't miss as many spots as I normally do, and I would keep from cutting myself.
 I used a softsoap body wash which wasn't quite as easy to use as it is in the shower. I didn't realize how much water it takes to lather and rinse it off. By the end I was hoping for a slightly bigger bowl.
 Since my Venus razor has already been used up I was forced to use a normal one, but since I did this with a huge bowl I still only ended up with one cut that was awfully tiny.
After shaving to make sure I didn't get any scaly skin I used this cocoa butter lotion, it wasn't the best lotion but it did a good job. I think I would have rather used an Eos Body Lotion. Overall though if I have the time I think I'll shave this way again.
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