Review: Herbal Essences Hydralicious

Hydralicious Conditioner
Hyper Revitalisant
Herbal Essences

I have naturally oily hair so before I started mistreating my hair (bleach, hair dryer, flat iron) I would never have needed any type of conditioner. More than dryness my problem is damage, and a lot of conditioners just leave my hair feeling oily. With this conditioner I didn't have that problem. Of course it may not be enough for someone who really needs moisture in their hair. 

When I first saw this conditioner, three things stood out to me. First that it said Hyper Revitalisant, which isn't exactly accurate but that isn't to say that it doesn't work well. The second is that its from Herbal Essences which is a brand that I really like for hair care. They always work well, have nice packaging, and smell fantastic.

The third and most important (to me) is that it has a slightly purple tint to it. Now it is more of a white than a purple, but I think even a little counts. The reason I want a purple conditioner is the same reason I have a purple shampoo, to get rid of any copper color my hair may have from bleach. 

Overall I really like this conditioner. It smooths out my hair, smells great, and its purple so I can keep from getting brassy hair.

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