Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Circle Lens Review

Today I'm going to review a pair of circle lenses from the very popular Princess Mimi collection, their Sesame Grey pair. When I first saw these lenses I knew that I had to have them. They have a beautiful design an amazing color choice, and a huge enlargement. The only hard thing was deciding what color to get. This isn't a sponsored review but since they are a very popular brand you can get them at almost any circle lenses shop. I decided to review these because as of now they're my favorite lenses.

A lot of different circle lens shops offer a few different goodies that go with their products. Almost all offer some type of case for your new lenses as well as an information card. This company decided to put theirs on a cute bear card as well as adding in the pink packaged product. Basically its just Velcro to hold back your bangs while you put in circle lenses or apply makeup.
Here are the lenses. You are really supposed to wait 24 hours after getting them out of their packaging and into case with solution. Its important to do this because eye safety is the most important thing. As you can see the design on these lenses is beautiful. It goes from a light brown to a light grey and then a dark outer circle. The light brown will make the transition to grey more natural and the dark ring makes eyes look even bigger.

 With a flash
 Indoor light
Outdoor light

As you can see the enlargement is significant. These would be perfect for any kind of costume party. I used mine when when I was going as a doll to a dress up party. Its actually at a 15mm diameter but surprisingly it doesn't look unnatural. I think this has to do with the great design. 

They are a very comfortable lens to wear, and I've gone whole school days with out having them bother my eyes. I wouldn't say that they are as thin and comfortable as eye doctor contacts, but pretty close.

Overall I really love Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Circle lenses. As I mentioned before they are my current favorite lenses to wear. They're comfortable, beautiful and provide a significant enlarging effect.
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