Love Candy By Kendra

 Thanks to edenfantasys I was sent the Love Candy Kit By Kendra. If you haven't heard of edenfantasys before, they are an online adult store that sells everything from lingerie to lotion, and of course adult toys, both for men and women. Their site really is worth checking out because they have a lot of amazing things, like a huge sex positive community and a cool review program.

Love Candy is a brand started by former Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson to improve the passion between you and your partner, or to create personal rituals for yourself that make you feel pampered and special, making a habit of enriching your love life every day by creating your own mini-rituals that unlock the power of your sensuality. With the technology of super-fruit infusion, every body product in the kit is made with all-natural ingredients that will make you feel sensational and keep you connected to your romantic side! Not only do they offer the Love Candy Kit, but also vibrators (where a part of the proceeds go to breast cancer) and they sell everything that's a part of the Love Candy Kit Separately.

Inside the box, everything is packaged to look like a sort of fancy candy box. The front, as you can see, looks the same on each of the boxes just having the brand name of the product. On the right side, is the individual product name along with what it actually is. on the left side is more about the product, and how to use it and on the back is ingredient information.
Here are the accessories that came with it, a three point massager, rose petals and a dice set. I'm very happy with the quality of the three point massager there weren't any noticeable seams in the plastic and it is actually durable I don't think I'm going to have to worry about it breaking.  The dice are nice, but really only a one time use thing for me, if you're in a new relationship though they might be able to take away some tension for a more carefree night. The petals were by far my least favorite part of the kit, they look really good if you're just looking at them (as you can see in the photo) but if you touch them its terrible, they feel so fake. They won't however rip easily so that's a plus.

I have to say that I really like the products in this set. They're all fairly small so that if you don't like one its no big deal just to throw it out, but they're also big enough that you can get a few uses out of them.  I  also like that they have a consistent look throughout them so if I want to display them. Here's a few things about the individual products. I'll start out by saying that they are all aphrodisiac infused so that I won't be repeating that with each product.

  • Bath Essence,  To use start a steaming bath and then add a few drops of product to the water. It gave off a nice smell that wasn't at all overpowering. It also didn't leave any type of residue on my skin after the bath.
  • Bath Foam, Its very similar to other foaming washes I've used before and works quite well. I love the smell it has and like how easily it lathers to create the foamy look. Just like the bath essence it didn't leave any residue.
  • Room and Linen Refresher, Using a product like this has to be one of the fastest ways to spruce up a room. I had expected this to come out fairly oily but I was pleasantly surprised by the thinness of it. It didn't leave any spots on the comforter or anywhere around the room.
  • Body Drizzle, it has a similar consistency to a lotion when being applied although it doesn't absorb into the skin as easily it is easily removed with water. I found the taste to be fairly good.
  • Body Lotion, it smells wonderful and the consistency is perfect for what I want. After using my skin felt hydrated without any oily residue or shiny look.
  •  Massage oil, this is a different oil than I'm used to. A little does go far, but it actually absorbs into the skin just leaving a little bit of shine, so you don't feel like you have to shower after using it.
Overall I really like the products in the Love Candy Kit, which right now is on sale for $45 at They had a wide variety of uses and were actually quality items.
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