How much Daisy

 So its time for spring cleaning! I'm going to try and not bore you with too many cleaning/reorganization/storage posts but I'm going to be doing a lot of it this week. Why? Because for me spring break just started, and I really don't have any major plans. All of my friends had break last week, so they're already going back to class. I'm going to go to visit a few relatives, do a few essays that need worked on, and clean a lot. I'll try and do a few more interesting ones, like my closet cleaning since a lot really has changed with the wood floors, and container store hauls.

Basically for this reorganization I just cleaned out and got rid of a few things in the round about thing that holds all the food storage dishes at my house. I would loved to have been a little more drastic about it but since its my parents (hey I'm in college) I couldn't just recycle everything although I wanted to just about. The have so thing with keeping every storage jar that food comes in, from cottage cheese, to KFC gravy dishes so that they can reuse them. Which would be okay if there weren't enough usable containers, but they have plenty of very nice glass ones.

 Here's how it started out. Notice all of those lids in the back? I couldn't even find something to go with the majority of them. But it really doesn't seem that disorganized until you look at the bottom row.
 I don't even know what to say about this really. 
 And afterwards. Since the kitchen really is in use right now I couldn't show all of the dishes in their places, because some of them are storing food so it might still be a little packed. I also kept a few of the lids that I couldn't find things to go with, because again its not my stuff.
 I ended up with three containers that used to be for packaged food for the same reason as stated above. I think part of the problem is that no one cares how things go in because as you can see by the picture below I really didn't get rid of all that much. Another thing is that the cabinet spins so things might get knocked around.

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