Guest Posting

As a pay it forward I like to offer the ability for other people to make unique posts for me to post on my blog. I've had it done for me and now that I have a significant amount of followers I like to allow other people to to have the chance to promote themselves. Really for me there isn't any work required, the author does all the work. I allow up to five links which is a lot compared to other blogs I know that offer this. I only ask that the article be 200 words or more. If its a fellow blogger I do this free of charge, and even for some small businesses I'll not charge them. Sometimes like with the Search in Fashion DIY I've had really good luck in 

Oarans.Com is a Rip off.

Recently though I was sent an email out of nowhere from I had published one guest post for who wanted me to post another.

 "I am sending you article named "fashion tunnel"  My artcile is unique and cleared from CopyScape. I have added two most relevant links related to this topic." 

They didn't even ask if I was would publish it. Just assumed I would. Now originally I didn't look at their site before, but since it was so obviously in the end of the message I decided to take a look. It turns out its an SEO company who provides social media marketing to their clients. After seeing this I sent a kind email saying that unless it was their personal site (which I already knew it wasn't) that I would have to charge them a a minimal fee that I named. 

"what do you mean by selling this post? these posts are written by me, i can publish them on social media or whatever platform and i can also use them for marketing of my products. i think you have no concept of guest posting....I am sorry i cant pay you, there are thousands other website that offer free guest posting... and i can get my articles publish from them.. thanks anyways" 

I responded with "Haha. I can see by your linked web site that is not the case. So shameless you are. I only offer FREE guest posting for those who are marketing themselves not others. Why would I care about what other sites do? They obviously are not me. Goodbye."

So if you offer guest posts or features make sure to check and make sure someone isn't making a profit off something you are doing out of kindness. Thank you for making me realize how shameless people really are.

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