Easter Basket

 I feel like I'm one of the only people over the age of eleven who still gets some type of easter basket and up until this year I used to go easter egg hunting too. If it wasn't for the terrible weather last week, I still would have done this. I had assumed that I was for sure going to be getting a candy filled basket all the way up until the night before when she pretended not to know what I was talking about with easter presents. See she did this with my Christmas presents but then I knew she was joking because I had been with her to pick things out, but with the easter basket nothing had been said about it.

As you can see though by the picture above I did receive a few things, chocolate and money as well as a shirt that isn't pictured and a very cheap card. By cheap I mean one of those ones that are sent in the mail trying to get you to donate money to a charity. Although I like pretty cards I don't actually mind this because I'd rather have the $5 in something I can use.
 Eggs and rabbits in chocolate form. I've already given away a lot of these because lately I haven't been much of a chocolate eater.
 Starburst jellybeans. I'm not really a fan of jellybeans normally but I have a feeling that they'll taste a who lot better as starbursts. I think I'll take them to school with me and eat them then, since I'm there all day.
Chocolate bunnies. I know at least the one on the left side of the picture came from Aldi the same place that my almost made sugar cookies came from. Knowing my parents they bought them at the same time.
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