Brownie Making Fail

Well today I went to school, which I don't normally have to do on a Friday, and didn't even end up doing what I had planned on (I'm a little mad at myself) but when I came home I decided I could spend a few hours cleaning the house, doing laundry and such. By a few hours though I mean all day, so I went ahead and tried to make fudge brownies to reward myself and so that everyone could have some when they came home. I say tried because of course I failed. They turned out worse than the time I made gingerbread popcakes because at least those ended up tasting good.

Just a brownie mix where you add three extra ingredients, an egg some water, and a little oil. Seems simple enough which makes it even sadder that I couldn't get it right. The only good thing to say is at least I know what to wear when baking, so I did look good making them.
Another good thing is that the bowl I decided to use. The green color is fantastic, and its made out of plastic so it was extremely easy to wash. The only real step to the brownies was mixing them in this bowl.

Clearly I chose a cake pan that was a little too big, I thought the stuff would rise and it'd fill out but of course I was wrong. As you can see by the three holes I had no idea how long to cook this thing for. After it was done I ended up eating two bites and throwing it away. Such a waste. I love cooking but I'm so bad at it. Hopefully I just need some practice.
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