Book Review: When Donkeys Talk

When Donkeys Talk
A Quest to Rediscover the Mystery and Wonder of Christianity
By Tyler Blanski

Become Enchanted Again with Christ and His World

Tired of church as you've known it? Thirsty for a fresh look at Christian faith? American singer-songwriter and author Tyler Blanski was, too. So he set out on a Holy Pilgrimage to rediscover the saints, stars, and beauty of Christianity for the twenty-first century. Rich with deep application for living in the modern world, When Donkeys Talk is an invitation to become enchanted again with Christ and his world.

Tyyler reminds us that God works in unexpected, unusual and miraculous ways, living among and speaking through the wondrous world he has made. Blanski redefines "magical" to help us see that the world is guided by a hand greater than science and materialism. 

Using Scripture the wisdom of the church fathers, respected theologians, and Christian thinkers from centuries past, as well as a creative and humorous narrative, you will find the wonder of our ancient faith still alive and well.

Tyler Blanski is a writer and musician from Minneapolis Minnesota. He studied Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Oxford and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Hillsdale College. Tyler is the author of four previous books.

I was given this book to review, and will be giving it away to a reader via my google plus account.
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