Book Review: Signs Wonders and a Baptist Preacher

Signs Wonders and a Baptist Preacher
How Jesus Flipped My World Upside Down
By Chad Norris

About the Book

Growing up in a traditional southern baptist home, Chad Norris loved sweet tea football and Jesus. But when he realized that the Jesus he had heard about in Sunday school and seminary didn't measure up to the Jesus he read about in the Bible he began to ask questions. He was unprepared for the way God answered. Suddenly it was as if the miracles of the Bible had jumped off the pages and into his life and the lives he prayed for. Healings visions angles and other wonders challenged everything he thought he knew about the presence of Jesus the Father and the Holy Spirits in the world today. And if the idea of miracles sounds strange and unbelievable here's a secret you're not alone. Humorous poignant and honest the book shows that it's perfectly normal to think that God's ways are not so normal. As you travel with Chad you will discover what happens when god shows up in your ordinary everyday life. Especially when you doubt he will.

About the Author

Chad Norris serves on the staff of the City Church in Simpsonville, South Carolina. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and has an M.Div from Beeson Divinity School. He speaks and writes with a passion for the art of storytelling. He and his wife Wendy have three children Sam Ruthie and Jack. The Norris family along with their dog Kevin reside in Greenville South Carolina.

My Thoughts

This is a great story of a young man who goes through a time in his life that a lot of Christians do. Unlike most though he doesn't keep his trials and doubts to himself. He is forthcoming with his feelings and writes about it in both an entertaining and inspiring way. I was given this book to review and will be giving it away on my Google Plus Page.
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