Book Review: The Christian Mama's Guide

The Christian Mama's Guide to Having a Baby
Everything You Need to Know to Survive (and Love) Your Pregnancy
By Erin Macpherson

About the Book

You're pregnant. You thought you'd be glowing. Instead you're glistening from sweat, reeling from nausea and worst of all you can't get your favorite jeans buttoned. You're irritable nervous bloated and to be perfectly honest a bit annoyed that it takes nine whole months to grow a baby. Couldn't God have sped up the process a bit? Say only make it two or three weeks long. Full of helpful tips (how exactly do you quell that not just in the morning sickness) amusing anecdotes ( are you saying not everyone craves peanut butter and olive sandwiches) and encouraging spiritual advice (what does a godly pregnancy attitude actually look like) The Christian Mama's guide to Having a Baby has the authentic honest funny and warm advice you want to hear and some you probably don't. You also find inside the book:
  • Expert advice on the baby gear you really need
  • Detailed information on what to expect in each of your three trimesters
  • Helpful hints on ways to exercise while you're pregnant
  • A chapter dedicated to what dads to be need to know about pregnancy
  • Guidance on how to use this time of waiting as an opportunity to draw closer to god.
At the end of nine months you really will be glowing.

About the Author

Erin Macpherson is a mom of three who never does anything halfway. When she discovered she was pregnant she decided to write about it, and then kept writing. A former staff writer and editor for Nickelodeon, Erin how entertains parents on her personal blog as well as through freelance magazine articles devotionals and speaking. She wants to come beside her readers not only as a confidante and Christian sister but also as a best girlfriend who understands what daily life is all about.

My Thoughts

Not that long ago pregnancy was always thought of as something perfect. If a soon to be mother complained about her pain she was quickly scolded by those around her for not loving her child enough, or not wanting a baby. Lately though there has been a trend to actually express negative feelings and this book goes right along with that, and offers helpful tips to make it less so.

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