The Container Store Haul

I went shopping on the north side of Indianapolis today. Although it is a little far from where I live, I like the stores there a lot better, just fancier I think. The main reason I go is so that I can go to my favorite stores, Tiffany's and Nordstrom but I ended up at the Container Store because I seriously love what they have. If I were better at planning I think I could have bought out the whole store. If you've never been its just a store that sells storage containers. The amazing part is the huge variety they have and even more is available for custom order.

Alright, so I was going in with my family just to look around for ideas, and I ended up getting a few things for free. When we first arrived a sales woman was saying in a few minutes they'd have a demonstration and we could enter a contest for a $15 gift card. The presentation was kind of cool and lasted less than 10 minutes and my father ended up winning the gift card. Which of course he gave to me.

 Since I really didn't have a plan going in I bought something I knew I would need. Hangers. If I had my own home I'd be way more adventurous. I actually saw a laundry bin that was so pretty. Of course with fifteen dollars I couldn't buy all the hangers I needed to change out everything in my closet (in case you are curious what it looks like). Since I've done that post the only big thing that's changed is that I have gotten wood floors for the bedroom and closet.

The top picture is of skirt hangers. I only own a few skirts (maybe four) but I couldn't get more of the blouse hangers, which are in the bottom picture, without going over the fifteen dollars. Its kind of silly though because I plan on trading out all my hangers for these so I'll have to spend money then. I feel like its going to be expensive.

 I ended up getting a catalog so that when I, eventually, redo all of my storage I can have some ideas. I'm pretty sure that it'll go in the recycling before I even get close.
And here's a picture of the bag simple because I thought it was cute. Tomorrow or maybe later tonight I'll do a post about what I bought at Nordstrom.
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