Speech Away

I'd like to think that every day is an adventure day for me, but when you consider I get out of the house maybe four out of seven days a week (and this is at best) obviously that isn't true. Oh yeah and I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the world that would call a day like this eventful. In case you haven't noticed I've decided on a new type of blog posting schedule that I'm hoping will last a long time because I really like it. It goes in a three day rotation, with a few additions. Day one I do a product review, most likely about a beauty product like the clinical strength deodorant review. I have a few products lined up to do reviews over so for awhile this should work. After that I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot of nail polish guides. The next day will feature some type of polyvore, like my spring break packing guide. The third day (which is today by the way) will have a personal post about my life. Of course I'll still have a few sponsored reviews, outfit posts, and hauls and these will just bump everything back a day. 

Now about my day. I arrived early so that I could start practicing my speech that I already had completely written out on notecards, because my speech teacher is too kind. Honestly I was just stressing. I then went to my Psychology class where we had a test, but it ended up being partner and open book. Everyday that class becomes more of a joke. I then sat in the library stressed about my speech and when I got to class did very well on it. I ended up not having my math class, so now I have a test and a quiz on Thursday. Both of which I need to study for. Oh and I need to do a survey for Psychology class, do some writing for another and write a speech evaluation. So hopefully I'll be able to write a beauty review like I plan tomorrow even though I have a lot to do. I should start now, but who knows if that'll actually happen.

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