Ruffled Lycra Corset

 I bought another corset. That brings me up to three. A green corset, and another black and red one, l also have a bustier, but to be honest I really do prefer corsets. It came in packaging like this again which I don't really like. It was also kind of folded up in a box, but it straightened out alright so no harm I guess.
 The font is a little plain and it does have a folded spot, but it fills out. I do like the ruffles  Though, and it does have the boning placed in a flattering way. Unlike bow busier I bought last month, this corset has the hook and eye in the front. I like that a corset has this though because having to lace up a corset while its on is a huge pain.
 Here's the back. Even with this I'd say this is a rather boring corset, and I really wouldn't risk tightening it too much because I have a feeling the ribbon isn't too strong. If this had some of the red on the front then I think I would like it a lot better.
It did have the signature Coquette hanger. Although the picture doesn't look that interesting, I can tell you that its amazing. Its so plush!
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