Review: Venus Spa Breeze

 When I think of Gillette the first think of is razors, but not fancy women's razors like the Venus Spa Breeze. I think of These blue plastic disposable razors that my father occasionally uses. Which is weird because I'm positive he has an electric razor. I normally use a razor similar to that and  then apply Victoria's Secret shower gel lather up and start shaving.

When I was looking at the packaging I was curious how I was going to open it without cutting myself, and then I noticed (as you can see in the bottom picture) that the actual razor part of the Venus is kept in  different packaging. Smart idea. This is also good so that you don't lose the "spa breeze" scent that the razor has on it. A scent that is supposed to be white tea. I can't really comment on that because I've never actually had white tea.

This morning when I was taking a shower I decided to use my new razor, and it was amazing. Simply wet the razor head and start shaving. Normally I have a problem of my skin being pulled, even when I lather with a shave gel and I thought I would have the same problem with this razor. I was very surprised when this didn't happen at all. I ended up cut free with super smooth legs, they feel like they've been moisturized. Normally after I shave I have to apply eos body lotion because my skin will start to hurt if I don't, but this time I didn't feel like I needed it at all. Oh yeah and the smell that I described early is really good, and its fairly strong too, so you really aren't missing out by not using a shave gel. This is a product I'm going to use again for sure. 

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