Review: Secret Stress Response

Secret Clinical Strength 
Stress Response, Citrus

So this is one of the three beauty products that I received from my Influenster Box and its the first one that I'm reviewing. Even though it is a little stout this is actually the full sized product, so expect that if you want to look for it in stores. Speaking of which, it should be available at any grocery or drug store. Before I completely start my review I'm going to tell you exactly what stress sweat is, because until recently I had never heard of the term. Basically its when you perspire because of nervousness or stress instead of the normal reason of having an overheated body. It smells worse, is harder to cover, and there tends to be a lot more of it. So just terrible really, and a lot of women have it happen to them,  I know I have (a lot to be honest). 

I am the perfect person to test out deodorant, and actually I have done a few, like my Dove deodorant review and my Lady Speed Stick Review there are a few more but I don't want to go all link crazy because I'm not THAT shameless. But back to why I'm perfect for deodorant reviews, its because I sweat a whole bunch, I have a condition that makes this happen actually, although its more of a high metabolism problem than just a sweat thing so it does have its benefits. That though is why I was so excited to try out a clinical strength deodorant because I've been wanting one forever and this one smells fantastic.

That's the first thing I noticed when I opened it up the amazing smell, it smells just like an orange, except a little bit more feminine which is of course perfect. The smell lasted all day for me. I really was curious if a clinical strength deodorant would work better, and Secret did not disappoint. Now when I'm wearing it and I feel myself start to sweat I don't even worry because I know its not going to smell, and my armpits even stay fairly dry. It lasts all day too, and even through the night as well. When I took a shower though I didn't have any problem getting it all off.

The only thing I don't really like is the packaging. First as you can see by the second picture it has kind of a weird design that you are supposed to use as the applicator, which is kind of hard to spread around.  At first I though that it was supposed to come off because it was so difficult to use. The texture of the deodorant is also a little moist so I felt like I had to wait a few minutes longer than I would with normal deodorant to put on my clothes. Lastly I wish they were I little less obvious on the label with the fact that this is clinical strength, because I feel like I should take off the wrapper if there's a chance any one will be seeing it.

Overall I love this product. My main problems were only with the packaging. I love the smell, and how well it works. I was surprised with how much more effective Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response was even when compared with other "good" deodorants. 
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