Nordstrom Shoe Buy

I just wrote about my Container Store Haul where I looked at a ton of different storage options. Well, before I went there, I had already gone to Nordstrom a store that I seriously love. I would call this a haul, but just like my Tiffany & Co Haul from over summer, I actually only have one purchase. I didn't even end up paying very much for it because most of the purchase was bought using Nordstrom notes. These are a type of reward that is like a gift card that you get for using their Visa credit card. 

 After trying on a few articles of clothing, from lime green skinny jeans to button up blouses I decided on this pair of boots. They originally cost $100 but because I had notes I was able to take $80 off that price. I think if I had waited until a sale I could have gotten them much cheaper. Or I could have gone with the target boots I made the How to Wear Combat Boots guide with. Maybe I'm having a little bit of buyer's remorse.
 Here's a semi awkward picture of the boots. I promise my feet don't really look that big. These shoes can be either laced all the way up or have the top part folded down.

I'm not really sure how I feel about the shoes being from Steve Madden. It seems like quality is hit or miss with a lot of his things. I added a picture of the bag at the end because I'm used to getting things from the junior's section where they have different bags.
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