Angry Egg Update

Its a boiled egg that I colored on. There isn't really a reason I drew this face on him, but he looks pretty cool. I normally eat poached eggs instead, but my mother made it for me when she made one for herself so I really didn't have a choice. By the way this egg doesn't really go with the rest of the post, I just wanted to add a cute picture.

I have been moderately busy with school. The funny thing is that the one credit hour class has as much work as all the other classes I'm taking. Its not taking up all of my time, but a lot more of it than I would like. I actually have a speech coming up, that I might blog about. Its a demonstration thing, and I think I'm going to make cookies, so I'll write about my practice run. My grades have been good, but I'm little worried about Calculus and we just took a test. It could have either gone very well or very bad.

I haven't been blogging that much lately! The last "real" post I did was wearing combat boots.Some of that is because of school and personal stuff (all good personal things) but some of it is because I haven't had that much to write about. I mean I've done two book reviews, but I know that isn't something that is very interesting to most of you. Although it does mean two books you can win via Google+. I should have a few good reviews coming up. One is going to be for a massage kit and should be up sometime this week (or early next week). I'm also getting other stuff to review but I have no idea what it is or when its coming.

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