So Brand Haul, Kohls

Yesterday I blogged about how I was going to return clothes at Kohl's, well I did and since I didn't have any receipts I was given store credit. Which is fine because I assumed that was going to happen, and I do like a lot of their clothes. When I started making this post I noticed that all three items I bought were from Kohl's So brand, so I just named the haul that. I was going to start this blog out with a picture of the Kohl's bag, but I do that in most of my hauls, and it doesn't look that nice so here goes with the first piece of clothing.

 An orange So brand tank top. This was actually an exchange, not a return. I figured I was going to do this though because I wear these tank tops a lot. I've actually done a whole tank top haul with So brand tanks from Kohls. Orange isn't really my color, but I was looking for something different.
 Lime Green So Brand Tank. Looking at the tags on these tops it looks like they've tried to change their brand image. It reads Authentic American Heritage. Funny because it says its made in Guatemala. Technically I guess that's America though. This top was also an exchange.
So Brand Skinny Orange Polka dot pants. I didn't know So made pants, but when I saw them I knew I had to have them. All of my returns only added up to $24 but this was below $30 so I just put in the extra money and bought them. I'm not exactly sure how to wear them yet, but I think it'll be something similar to the way I wear my Fire Los Angeles Floral Pants
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