Sledding, Family

Yesterday ended up being a little bit more tiring than I expected it would be. I planned on getting things ready for school stuff, like packing up my backpack or even better finding a new one, printing out a few things for classes and maybe looking up my materials. Oh yeah and figure out exactly what I'm going to wear. Although I did do a College What to Wear post. I still have to do all of these things.

In the afternoon I went sledding with my friend. It was above freezing so some of the snow had melted and a few areas were muddy. I expected this to make the sledding a lot less fun, but I actually had a good time. And it was snowing while we were outside like huge snowflakes. I figured that we'd get bored of it after about twenty minutes but we were there for almost an hour and a half. Pretty amazing since neither of us wore snow clothes. I wore jeans and a winter coat. Since I fell off my sled about five times I ended up getting super wet. Still better than ugly snow clothes though.

After this we went to Starbucks and since I'm not really a coffee drinker I got a green tea. Since I now have my own personal brewer I think that I should practice drinking coffee so that I can be a big kid. I don't even drink soft drinks so I think its going to take a lot of practice. We went out to the car and saw a couple completely going at it in the parking lot. It wasn't even dark outside yet, and we were right off a main road. Some people really are shameless.

When I came home I realized that my parents had invited family over for dinner and I had forgotten about it. It was just my cousin, his wife and their daughter who's three. The "adults" played Wipeout3 a video game that I was given with a whole set thanks to activision, while I played with my cousin's daughter. They stayed until midnight.
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