Return to Kohl's

At the same time that I received the lotions that I reviewed earlier this week, I also received a few items of clothing from Kohl's. These were from some of my aunts and uncles and for whatever reason they gave me items that were about two sizes too big. I weigh 100 pounds and I'm not that tall. So even though I like a lot of the things the bought me I'm going to have to return them. Tomorrow maybe. So I guess you can look forward to another Kohl's haul once I return the items, since it'll have to be store credit considering I didn't get any of the receipts. Just based on the title though this reminds me a little bit of my Tiffany and Co Haul, I wish it were.

This isn't actually the bag my stuff came it (obviously) but I figured if I put it in here I'd remember to return the stuff.

 A yoga pants and tank top set. I would have loved if this had fit. I've even done a polyvore featuring yoga pants called What to Wear to Yoga. I think when I take this back that I'll try to find something similar.
 A pink shirt. I actually don't like this all that well, I guess that just means I'll get to pick out something interesting on my own.
 I've done a whole Kohls Tank top haul so if these would have been extra small instead of medium size then I would have loved them. I can always use tank tops to wear under things.
I don't even know what to call this shirt, but I love it. I'm really wanting it, and maybe if I'm lucky they'll still have it. Just in my size instead.
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