No More Food

 I'm going to be starting my first day of college tomorrow and I decided I would do an everyday food post even though I've already done a Kohl's Haul, and a post about getting ready for school. I figured I could do this everyday food post, because after today my eating habits really are going to change. For two main reasons. The first is that since I'm starting school, two days a week I'm just going to eat a late breakfast and then a late dinner. Unless I get really hungry and go to the cafeteria. I just feel like I think better on an empty stomach. The other reason is that I'm going to start eating differently. I'm thinking about becoming vegan again or maybe just to stop eating so much food that is terrible for me. Even though I only have a few foods pictured and they aren't all that unhealthy, its what you don't see that I want to eliminate. I swear I ate at least 2000 calories in junk food today alone.

The first picture is of what I have been drinking lately, Tomato juice. This is actually very healthy, so of course I'm going to continue to drink it. I just really like how this picture looks, partly because of the grunge filter I'm using. 

 Chicken Noodle Soup from a can. This may not seem like all that bad of a choice, but it has an extremely high amount of salt, which is bad for things like blood pressure. I want to keep this as low as possible not only for my own health but so that I can fit the requirements to donate my blood again. I think actually I'll be able to do that again very soon.
 Okay so this is supposed to be a piece of bread. I have no idea why my phone app decided to make it so dark and scary looking. I kind of think its cool though, so whatever. This is white bread and although I love it, I'm going to try and switch over to wheat bread, which is okay. I just don't like the bread with weird chunks of stuff in it.
My dinner, that my parents made. Two nights a week I'll be all on my own for this. The problem with this mean is the meat. I really do want to eliminate this from my diet even if I can't completely get rid of animal products.
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