Mesh Bow Lace Corset

I've already gotten two different corsets, a red lace corsets, as well as a Christmas corset. I like both of them, so when I saw the Coquette Mesh Corset I decided to go ahead and get it. It is priced as one of the more expensive Coquette items, because it is more intricate than a lot of other pieces but the quality is good so I think the price is suitable. This Mesh Bow Lace Corset really isn't exactly a corset though, and actually its more of a bustier but I'll get into that later. Overall I have to say that this lingerie piece is only so so.
First for the packaging. Inside my plain brown box this was how my Mesh Bow lace corset was wrapped. It was bent over on itself leaving a crease but after spraying it lightly with water and hanging it to dry this came out. I do really hate this plastic bag though. I mean I get it protects the garment but its so ugly to look at, and for this price point I think they can use a cloth garment bag that can be reused for storage.
 Here it is out of the plastic bag. The print very clearly shows the bows, which adds to the one in the middle of the chest area and the two at the bottom. When I first saw it I thought that these bows (which are satin) were going to be to much but they really contrast quite well with the small bow print. 

The vertical lines across the Mesh Bow Lace Corset create a very nice slimming effect that works very well with the style of the piece. I also really like the red and black ruffles at the bottom because I think they had a nice feminine feel to the piece. I can't say though that I like the ones at the top, but really I don't like the top of this piece at all. It makes me look very flat chested, and even with straps I feel like I need to start padding. So if you're a thinner lady this may not be the piece for you.
Instead of being lace up, the back is hook-and-eye. I don't really like how it looks, with the strip being down the side but it really is a lot easier to get on. You don't have to worry about cutting strings or having someone help you get it on.It has two different sets of hooks, something that I was worried it wouldn't have. This means that its going to fit a large variety of body shapes, not as many as a corset, but its still nice because you can pin the tighter part where you are thinner and the outer one where you have a little more fluff.

Overall the Mesh Bow Lace Corset is only a so so piece. Its pretty to look at, but it really doesn't do anything for my body. Although the design makes my stomach look a little thinner it doesn't do any actually decreasing and it makes me look flat chested. If it wasn't for the bad fitting issues this would be a fantastic lingerie piece though because it is very high quality.
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