Making Granola

So I came downstairs to find my mother hard at work making granola bars from some recipe she found online. I was, of course, hungry so I decided that I would try and help her out. Well we finished them and they taste pretty good, but they won't stick together so we decided to pretend we were just making granola. Actually just based on how this turned out, this reminds me a little of my attempt to make gingerbread men pop cakes. They were also very good tasting, but very bad looking.

When I came downstairs, this is what I saw on the stove. It looks less than appetizing but its just a very small part of the recipe so no worries!
 The sugar had to boil for a few minutes. It reminds me a lot of the time I made sugar wax. Something I think I need to do again.

There were a few other ingredients to add, chocolate , peanut butter and rice krispys.

 I then sprayed a pan with no stick spray, added in the peanut butter as well as vanilla. Then I mixed it all together.

 After that I put the granola into the pan and waited for it to harden and combine, which it really didn't do. 

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