Has it Happened Already?

Another year has came and went, and although a lot of other blogs I've seen are already posting their New Year's Resolutions and such I am just now getting around to a recap of this past year. Don't worry though, there really wasn't that much going on. My excuse for not doing it yesterday is that I wanted to wait until the year was completely over before talking about what happened. The real reason however is that I had already done two fairly time consuming posts yesterday, one about my Panda Shirt, and one about a green cardigan. These are my first two outfit posts that are done without any photoshop (just filters) because although I was able to download GIMP on to my Mac it wouldn't save the photos in a way that I could easily transfer. So after wasting a bunch of time I just had to go with the pictures as they were.

  • The most important thing I've done, is graduate school. I'm very happy that I ended up graduating mid term, even if it has been a little stressful. My first day of college is exactly one week from today and I am super nervous. More than I was when I talked about my stress. I'm sure in the next few days I'll be blogging about it non stop, so sorry if you come here for the outfit posts. You'll just have to wait.
  • This year I also got my driver's license. I know, I waited a long time to get it. But trust me I have plenty of good excuses to say why I waited so long. I'm really glad I've finally done it though, even if I still can't really driver. I'm just afraid.
  • My blog officially started. I mean really it started in December of last year, but I didn't get my first sponsorship, Uniqso circle lenses, and my own domain until May. Until right before then I was posting only about once a month. Now I go for about every day. This blog has already changed so many things for me. 
  • I'm hesitant to put this on here, just because I know how relationships are, but I don't care. I started a new relationship (very recently) with a boy I really like. I could, and maybe I will sometime, go into the details about it but basically we've dated before and although we liked each other a lot, it didn't work out. So I guess time will tell for this one.
  • I'm sure there are a lot of other cool things that have gone on this year, but I just can't think of them on the spot. So I guess I'll just have to leave them out.
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