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Hello! My name is Tori Radday and I run my own personal style blog, Fashion, Trends & More ( Before, I talk about my blog, let me introduce myself to you guys. I am a seventeen year old high school senior who lives in Richmond, Virginia. Next year, I plan on majoring in fashion merchandising at (hopefully) a college up North. A major in fashion merchandising will allow me to work pretty much anywhere in the fashion industry. When I'm not blogging, I am either sewing, taking Pilates, organizing my wardrobe or working at the retail store, Justice. 

My blog, Fashion, Trends & More ( focuses on fashion like the title implies. I primarily post outfit posts, DIY's, inspiration and articles (relating to trends, how to style something, organization tips, etc.) My most popular posts are my outfit and DIY posts. My style is very vintage-inspired and feminine. I just love wearing heels and am constantly on the lookout for vintage finds at various thrift shops. My DIY's are very simple, affordable DIY's. Who wants to work on a DIY for hours or pay $30+ on supplies? Often, the DIY's are imitations of a designer piece or my take on a trend. I also enjoy "recreating" pieces sometimes by sewing on something new or snipping away with my scissors until I feel the piece has been updated. 

If you like my style, I would love for you to check out and follow my blog ( You can also catch me on my pinterest (, tumblr (, lookbook ( or chictopia account (

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