Book Review: One Glorious Ambition

One Glorious Ambition
The Compassionate Crusade of Dorothea Dix
By Jane Kirkpatrick

Born to an unavailable mother and an abusive father, Dorothea Dix longs simply to protect and care for her younger brothers, Charles and Joseph. But at just fourteen she is separated from them and sent to live with relatives to be raised properly. Lonely and uncertain, Dorothea discovers that she does not possess the ability to accept the social expectations imposed on her gender and she desires to accomplish something more than finding a suitable mate.

Yearning to fulfill her God-given purpose, Dorothea finds she has a gift for teaching and writing. Her pupils become a kind of family hearts to nurture but long bouts of illness end her teaching and Dorothea is adrift again. Then an unexpected visit to a prison housing the mentally ill ignites an unending fire in Dorothea's heart - and sets her on a journey that ill take her across the nation into the halls of the Capitol befriending presidents and lawmakers, always fighting to relieve the suffering of what Scripture deems the least of these.

In bringing nineteenth century historical reformer Dorothea Dix to life author Jane Kirkpatrick combines historical accuracy with the gripping narrative of a woman who recognized suffering when others turned away, and the call she heeded to change the world.

Jane Kirkpatrick has authored more than twenty books. A lively speaker Kirkpatrick is a frequent keynote presenter for conferences women's retreats, fundraisers and workshops. Jane believes that our lives are the stories that others read first and she encourages groups to discover the power of their own stories to divinely heal and transform. She lives with her husband Jerry, in Central Oregon.

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