Almost School

I almost broke this up into two different posts, but they would have both been small, and really I don't have enough time. I'm wanting to get two more posts in tonight or at least by tomorrow which is still hard because I'm going to be starting school then. And I won't even get out until seven pm. Basically this is just some of the stuff I had to get ready before going. I've already made a How to Dress for College  which should help me get dressed in the morning. 

 This is the Backpack I was originally going to use. Its from maybe sixth grade, and although it's nice I really just want something simple and this is more of a backpack for biking anyways. I did used to have an obsession with Puma, and actually did a post about all the puma shoes I own.
These books really make me kind of angry. The cost about $50 each and are loose leaf. They aren't bound together at all. I could have printed off the pages myself for much less than that.  So I had to go to Walmart and get a new binder. I almost did a blog post about it like my Back to School Walmart Haul, but yeah.

 And here's how it looks after I put it in the binders. Too bad it adds extra weight.

I also bought two notebooks (one with a kitten) and two folders.

And here's the backpack I ended up getting. It was only fifteen dollars so I'm not sure exactly how long it'll last, but its a good start.
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