All Alone

Yesterday for what seems like the first time ever, I was completely independent. If you read my blog, you know that I'm starting college in just a few days. I've already done a polyvore on What to Wear to College  and later (like maybe tonight) I might be doing an updated one, even though I have yet to take a real "college class". The college that I'm attending, only for a semester, is about forty minutes away and I drove there by myself for the first time. This in itself is a pretty big accomplishment considering I rarely drive anywhere by myself. Actually almost never. Its always been much easier to get other people to drive for me. I think part of this is because it took me about two years longer than most people to finally get my drivers license

But I ended up driving all by myself to go get my school identification card as well as my parking permit so that I don't have to be in the free parking. I had planned on doing this on Monday, but since classes were starting that day, it became clear that Friday would be a much easier day to get this done. I really didn't want to do it though. I was so stressed about it, and really I don't know why. It ended up being no big deal. I had to wait in line, but not for all that long, and it was simple really just give my name at two different offices and then I got what I wanted. I still have a few days before school starts, but as of now, I'm not that worried.
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