Work I do

So you might be asking what this picture has to do with the work I do, and really it doesn't have anything to do with what I'm talking about. It is actually a picture I took while I was doing college stuff, during the beginning when I thought I would do a whole post over this stuff with pictures, and then I was too lazy to take more pictures. I decided to add it to this post because it seems like none of my personal posts have pictures, which is a little sad especially when you see them from the linked within below. Oh and I bought this coat from from Nordstrom before I had a blog, but you can look at my other Nordstrom Haul or my Nordstrom Rack Haul.

Today though I wanted to talk about the work I do. And I don't mean as in a real job because if you follow my blog you KNOW I don't have one of those. I mean the extra things I do. I really wonder if they matter. I know that they might for the next few minutes or whatever, but in the long run I question if they make a difference. Will the $20 I save today instead of buying something new be a big deal? Will I actually need that money? What about the time I take to exercise, will I be healthier? Maybe I'm just starting to get the winter blues or nervous about going to school so soon but really I have been thinking about this a lot. Only time will tell, and by then it will be too late to change anything. 
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