Up the Tree

 I did a post on how to dress when putting up a Christmas tree where i said that I'd blog about what my Christmas tree looked like, and I actually did it! Which is surprising considering my posts tend to come a week late. I'm not really sure that I like my Christmas tree. It isn't very full or very tall two things that are very important to me. I am so ready for Christmas though. Yesterday I baked gingerbread men, and I've been using my Christmas scented lotion.

Since I don't like stepping on needles I really don't like real trees even though the smell really good. You also have to wait longer to put them up and water them. So that's why there is a picture of a box.

I swept up the part of the living room that the tree is supposed to go on. Since there are wood floors I also had to put down a sheet. I think I have a thing for wood floors since I have wood in my bedroom too.

 And here is the tree which is in three parts going up. My blog is just a little too narrow for them all to go in one line, and I was too lazy to make it happen using photo shop. I think that it still looks okay. Notice though how thin the tree is?

 Here's the tree with lights. Of course after this I added ornaments but I put that as the first picture that way when you first look at my blog you see something pretty. This is a tree with built in lights which meant I had a lot less work to do. 

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