School Key

 I'm so close to being done with school. Three days left. I have yet to do my film lit final project, that I was going to do instead of taking a nap, but my bed looked so comfortable. I'm going to have to finish it by Wednesday night, so much for getting an early start. I can always tell how close it is to the end of the semester, because I stop even wearing my Maybelline BB Cream, and my hair roots start to show. I really do need to use my John Fredia Hair dye soon, I have roots. Even if they're blond its still bad.

The first picture is of a key that unlocks a room in my school. I've never seen one quite like this before with all of the holes in it, and I'm pretty sure all of the doors are opened with keys like this one. Maybe it adds extra security?
I had to write an essay for my English class today.  Instead of having to turn it in at the end of class, my teacher was nice enough to let us have until the end of the day, and since I don't have anything to do the last two hours this was perfect. I really think I liked how the essay turned out in the end. After school is done I'm going to upload all of my old essays to my blog. I don't really care if people use them, they are all going to be first drafts, so if you want to have to edit it yourself, go ahead.
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