Panda Tee

 Today in the mail I received a this Panda T-Shirt from They are a woman's fashion seller that focuses on Korean fashion. They ship worldwide. I'm not normally a big fan of t-shirts, but I really do love this one. It has long sleeves, but since I have long arms I push all of my sleeves up. The print is super adorable, and works very well with my jeans.
 This Panda Print Long Sleeved T-Shirt sells for less than $17 and had free shipping. Actually anything that costs at least $10 has free shipping. They make it easy to find these products with a whole list of items that are priced right at $10. They also have a points program that allows you to get discounts on top of their already very well prices.

And two more pictures, just because I like the shirt. You can get your own at They have a variety of prints as well as more "high fashion" items. A lot of their dresses are super pretty and all of their shoes and accessories are cute.
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