Normal Dinner

 I haven't done a post about the normal foods I eat in forever. I can assure you I have been eating since then, I just never think of taking a picture of what I eat. I'm seriously a lazy blogger. Oh well I guess sometimes is better than never. I have been doing some baking posts though, like my pop cake gingerbread men who tasted super good. 

This is my full plate of food. Just some salad, and noodle stuff.
 It had peas and bacon in it. I liked the peas, but the bacon could have been absent, there was also a little too much cheese. Overall though I actually liked it.
 My salad. I think I have a thing for dressing.
 While I ate, I read Bloomberg Business Week. Unless I have a review to write, like my Unstoppable book review I really do read financial publications.  
After dinner I had a cupcake. It was so tiny.
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