My Christmas Presents

Awhile ago I did a Christmas Wishlist post  where I put in detail (with pictures) what I wanted for Christmas. Since I just finished unwrapping everything I figured I'd do a short post on the things that I received from my parents. I left out a few things though because I really was just too lazy to fit them in. Well and I didn't want to add in all my Victoria's secret stuff, even though I did a Victoria's Secret haul before. Maybe it'll get its own post later.

 The thing I wanted most, a Mac Book Pro! Actually I'm using it right now to type up my post.
 Juicy Couture Perfume, which my male friend (I don't really know what else to call him) thinks smells amazing. I was running out, remember my old Juicy Perfume Review, and am so happy I got some more.
 Silver Chinese Laundry Shoes, that look a little too similar to the pair from my Von Maur Haul. Oh well I guess. I'm still planning on wearing them.
 A book by one of my favorite authors. Stephen King.
 New nail polish. I think I'll be doing a review over them so look for that. My favorite is the one with the multicolored sparkles.
 An awful picture of a super pretty sweater that I was given. I really love the color.
 An iTunes gift card.
Slippers, that I'm wearing right now.  Vera Wang knows how to make some nice looking items.
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