Meeting Parents, How To Dress


Until recently I would rarely talk about personal things on this blog, personal used to consist of a Tj Maxx haul. But lately it seems like that's all I've been doing. I'm not going to link the post (because its awkward) but this Meet the Parents what to wear is about the boy that I wrote about. Even though we haven't been "back together" for very long, it has been going really well. This may sound a little strange, but I actually "met" his parents at his house on Christmas. We had plans to hang out the next day but there was supposed to be a blizzard so it was kind of a last minute plan. Its not as awkward as it sounds because I have actually met his parents before since we previously dated and his sister and her boyfriend were there as well. We just all sat in their living room and watched movies, so this outfit is also kind of similar to my Movies at Home Outfit Guide.

  • Straight Leg Jeans, $365 - I'm pretty sure that I'm the only style blogger that wouldn't recommend wearing a skirt, but there are two big reasons for that. For one as you can tell by the amount of jeans I own  I really like them. For the second reason, it was really cold outside, and I just thought of a third. Skirts aren't the most comfy thing to wear while sitting on a couch. I picked straight leg over skinny due to the fact that they are more neutral, because it was Christmas and it is parents.
  • Isabelle Ballet, $75 - The shoes didn't even matter because they don't wear them in their house but I still wanted nice looking shoes! I love that these have suede on the sides adding a little bit of uniqueness to the design. I would not wear any type of heels for something like this.
  • Painted Dots Tank, $58 - I think a lot of people would disagree with wearing a tank top, but as long as it isn't low cut its perfectly fine. It also adds a little bit of a feminine touch to the outfits since I paired it with jeans.
  •  Winter White Coat, $150 - Winter white is very much in right now and its the perfect trend to wear for a more serious occasion. It doesn't shout like a lot of fashion statements do.
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