Just Wait

I've been doing a ton of personal posts lately and not all of them are about my Christmas tree.  When I started this blog (almost a year ago) I would have never written posts like these.  I wrote about how I didn't like thin hair so I took Indian hair growth pills . I could continue to talk about the changes, most of which are for the better, for a whole blog post. I seriously love my blog. Not even kidding. 

I don't think I've ever talked about boys on my blog, and there is a reason for it. They are drama. Not as bad as girls, but still pretty bad. Really though I don't even talk about girls. I like to use my blog as a diary, but I kind of want it to be looking back with rose colored glasses, which means no memory of past relationships, excluding friendships of course.

Anyways. I have boy problems. I've dated this boy a total of three times, and sort of four. Each for only a short time. One time I broke up with him the other two he broke up with me. But the worst part is he broke up with me because mommy and daddy didn't like me. The first time though they were totally right in ending our relationship (just trust me). But I still don't really like that they controlled our relationship.

The problem though is that I was all emotional and I sent him a text message, which turned into a conversation. I think I might post it up here just because (it isn't anything weird). I realized of course why I liked him. We could talk for hours. Texting him was just like talking to him before, which is terrible. I remember that we could talk for hours about nothing either on the phone or in person for hours. He was also fun to hang out with, and honestly we were good together. 

I'm afraid though, now that I like him again, since he's a college boy he won't want a relationship, and us being friends won't work. Been there done that. He was the one that couldn't stay that way. Sadly I really do miss him. I don't know if it is in a boyfriend girlfriend kind of way or just the friendship way. 
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