Its My Face

I was sitting in school yesterday (which is almost over) and instead of working on a project which is what we were supposed to do I took photos. Of myself. Don't judge me too much by these pictures, because the only "makeup" I have on is maybelline BB cream and like my Hawaii photos these were all taken with my iPhone so the quality isn't the best. I still think I look pretty though! Oh yeah and I'm wearing a T-shirt. Which is weird because I never wear them. It wasn't even like I was dressing for a Monday

 I really don't like the angle of my face in this photo...
 I just want to point out how great my fringe looks in this photo.
 Actually all of my hair looks pretty good. Its kind of sad though because after this I had to walk out in the rain to get to class.
 The girl sitting next to me was all lets take a picture with just half our face in it. And I failed.
 More good hair. And in case you are curious I don't plan on going to college there. They just gave me the shirt.

 A bad picture of me... It happens!
 The girl sitting next to me.
She was all I wanna take a picture of you. And this is what happened. Exactly why I don't let people take pictures of me. I'm never happy with the results.

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