I haven't told

Obviously if you're reading this, you know that I have a blog. That's where I'm posting this! People in my life, don't know that I have one though. I mean sure my parents do, but I really wouldn't be able to hide all the blogger packages. I keep it from everyone else though. Even my closets friends. If they ask me where I got that new shirt, I just kind of avoid the question instead of just saying that I was given it my a company so that I'd write about their brand. If they ask me about the eyeshadow I was wearing I'd  just say I didn't know, instead of admitting I was trying it out to so I could write about it later on here.

I have almost 700 followers, so I must be doing something right. But that doesn't seem to matter to me. Whenever I almost tell someone about what I do, I don't because I think oh I'll just wait a month or so and it'll be better then. It never is though, because there isn't anything wrong. 

Yesterday my friend asked me what my hobby was, and why I didn't have a job. I didn't know what to say, and I almost told him. Of course I didn't, but it does kind of leave a blank space because this past year my blog really has become a lot of who I am. Its somewhere I can write down my ideas, and talk about how I feel. Oh yeah and seeming like I don't have a job makes me appear a little lazy. I have started to consider my blog a job, even if it doesn't pay all that well. Sometimes I end up getting really cool stuff from it. So what if I write about things like April Cherry Blossom Set.

I really do wonder when I'll get to the point where I'll tell what I do with my extra time. I think part of it might be that I'm still seeing this as a diary and that makes it a little hard to share with people. I told the boy that in five months I'll tell him. And, if either of us remember I really will.
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