I hope everyone is having a Happy New Year.  Last week I received a package from the online clothing retailer GraceStars that I would love to share with you guys.  They are based in Canada, specializing in trendy fashion pieces from Korea, and Asia for women. They aim at offering their clothing at affordable prices, and ship internationally. I found their shipping to be extremely quick, something that is uncommon with a lot of online retailers.

 I was given a given this Moss Green Cardigan, Its free size and fits me well. The cardigan is great for layering, and has a two tone feel with light green thinner cotton on the inside, and the outside being trimmed in a darker green and heavier knit cotton. As you can see it also has awesome inner pockets. It's priced at less than $40.
Just a picture of me wearing it with a simple tank top underneath. The cardigan is interesting enough due to both its two different materials and colors and its cut that almost anything will look good underneath it.

Here's a better picture of the cut of the piece. It has buttons on the sides that really can be buttoned up but it looks much better with them unbuttoned. I'm pretty sure they're just there for show.

 As you can see I really do love the pockets. They are very spacious, and when you are looking at the cardigan they don't show at all. My phone easily fits inside them. The material is super soft feeling as well.
 And the last picture. A little dark, but oh well. If you want this cardigan or another Asian fashion piece be sure to check out

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