Game Night

 Thanks to Houseparty I won these cool game things to play with my friends. You can totally win too ( and have just as equal of a chance of being picked as I do)  and get cool stuff to have a party with. For a night like this I would recommend an outfit like the Movies at Home What to Wear. The first game is catch phrase which is okay... I'm not all that in to electronic games.
 It also came with party hats, and cups.
 And a super cute little trophy.
 Yahtzee, a game that I actually like to play. Does admitting that make me seem like an old person?
Draw Something. I've never played this, but it looks fun so I think I like it.  This isn't as good of a "blogger package" as when I received the Activision Stuff, but its still pretty great, and this is stuff that you don't have to be an awesome blogger (like me)  to get, which is pretty great.
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