I was going to wait awhile before I did this post, but since I'm now getting close to 700 followers I thought I should share a little bit about why a blog. Maybe this is me trying to get my readers to start their own blog.

 I actually started blogging when I quit Facebook. I really didn't like it. Even when I started using it, it was only because everyone else was using it and I wanted to see the pictures that were taken of me, okay and see the drama. The only "good" thing about Facebook is that it is a very easy way to store pictures. But it has so many dangers. On my blog I can be very specific in the content I share. Of course this isn't just a controlled version on Facebook because I do write beauty reviews, like my nair roll on wax review .

My blog has given me so much. From advertisements, and the sidebar banners I'm starting to make enough money that I don't have to have a part time job when I go to college, which is coming up really soon. It has helped me with my writing skills as well. I've received things like Essie nail polishes  , Oasap clothes, and even video games. As well as a ton of other things. If I had just had a Facebook I wouldn't have received anything. Even though it's my content and my traffic Facebook gets all the sidebar ad money. How is that fair? Even YouTube shares the money. 

Another thing that I can't do on Facebook is post things just because they inspire me. I feel like the setup is too personal, but on my blog I can post things like a guide to movies at home, and dresses for fat girls without my friends wondering what I am doing. Oh yeah and I really like the attention that I get from my blog. It always makes me happy when I get new followers or someone sends me an email. 
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