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I really have been doing a lot of lazy day outfit posts, from what to wear on a Monday to the amazing outfit with bright blue sweatpants . I figured that even though this isn't something I would normally wear, I could put together an outfit that actually looked nice. I mean the other outfits I do look nice on, but this is more of a dressy thing. I might wear this to a job interview to work in an office, or to an awards ceremony at my school. So basically no where. But that's just because I have a casual kind of life going on right now.

  • Peplum Top, AX paris - $32 This is a perfect example of an item that can look nice without being expensive. It also has two "trendy" features. The first being its dark red color, that also happens to be a good power color. And the second that it is a peplum which is something I don't normally like, but on this shirt it actually looks nice.
  • Tweed Pencil Skirt, Monsoon Terri - $96. I love pencil skirts. They tend to make women look tall and thin. The grey color is nice for any skin color and makes it so the wearer can have on almost any color of top.
  • Bow Belt, Burberry - $595 The only way I really like a peplum top is with some kind of belt and this one makes the perfect accent piece. Its black so it doesn't stand out too much but since its made of suede and looks like bow tie it can be very eye catching.
  • Chanel Bag - I really do love Chanel. I did a whole Chanel makeup wishlist a while back, and I was thinking of doing one with their bags but then I realized it would basically be the whole store.
  • Oscar Pump, Anne Michelle - $45. I love gold shoes. They are just as nice looking, but a little less harsh than getting the same pair in black. I also like that they have the small slits with cork in between.
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