Christy Miller Collection Books

Book Review:
Christy Miller Collection

By Robin Jones Gunn

Summer Promise 

A fourteen year old, Christy Miller has the dream summer ahead of her in sun kissed Califoria staying with her aunt and uncle at their beach front home. Aunt Marti loves to shop and those surfers are cute especially Todd. Christy promised her parents she wouldn't do anything she'd later regret and some of her beach friends are a little wild. But Todd and his God-Lover friends are giving Christy a new image of all things eternal.

A Whisper and a Wish 

Christy's family has moved to California just in time for her sophomore year of high school. But they're not in Newport Beach were she spent the summer instead they're over an hour and a half away. Christy has to start all over making friends. Despite an embarrassing escapade at a slumber party things are going pretty well... until some midnight fun leads to a trip to the police station. Does God really hear every whisper? Does He know our every wish? Then why is it so hard to know who your friends really are?

Yours Forever 

Christy is back at Aunt Marti and Uncle Bob's house on the beach for the entire week between Christmas and New Year's... and Todd is in town too! The cute surfer completely captured Christy's heat last summer and she's eager to spend every possible minute with him. But too soon Christy and her aunt are barely speaking.  It seems like all her friends are mad at her too. Including Todd. Is he hers or isn't he. And why would God let things get so tangled.     
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