Christmas Kohls Haul

Its almost Christmas, so today I went to Kohl's to do some Christmas shopping for a few of the people in my family. I've done a few hauls with Kohl's items before like my Kohl's tank top haul, one where I was given Kohl's clothing for my birthday, and a Kohl's summer haul. I didn't even realize I shopped there that much...

 An Apartment 9 iPhone case. My old Nordstrom iPhone case  actually cracked the other day so this was kind of something I had to have. Plus it was only $10.
 A Mudd Sweater. I seriously love this thing, even if I have to wear a tank top underneath it. The color is so much prettier in person. The only thing I'm worried about is if those huge holes get caught on something.
 A grey top. I think that this is a So brand top, but I could be wrong. I'm honestly too lazy to go check right now.I'm also going to have to wear something under it because it's shear.
A purple Apartment 9 Scarf.  It looks a lot less pink in person, and I'm thinking it will match my purple colored contacts well. 
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