Book Review: Altered

A Book about Marriage and what that means

 Claire and Eli what the authors call themselves. I'm guessing that this was changed for privacy or to add a less direct feel to the story. Tell the reader the story of them. They are of getting too worked up about marriage and reminds us of Christ’s call to love, both God and neighbor, while bringing in wise perspectives from our Christian brothers and sister throughout history. The perfection of love is not found in focusing on self, but rather found through self-denial, epitomized in Christ bearing the cross. The goodness of marriage is affirmed, but attention is shared with a part many do not like hearing; Paul’s call to and Jesus’ endorsement of singleness. Loneliness is an ache showing God’s needed presence in our lives, which is found by through our presence and relationship with God in community and, the commonly forgotten, solitude.
The book grabbed my attention by it’s title, hinting at the authors’ locating idolatry’s presence within relationship. I began reading with the expectation that this was going to be like many other dating/marriage books I had read in high school and college, but I was in for a surprise. I encountered voices of the past, influential Christians of history withstanding the test of time, being brought to into the conversation: the Desert Fathers, Church Fathers, martyrs, saints, scholars, etc. I was impressed by this as well as their interpretation and communication of Scripture. They reminded me of the broad strokes of the Story, the core truths and teachings of God, through their well and creatively written story. The authors did an excellent job in their attempt to steer our marriage-happy eyes to a biblical love that calls us to take up our cross and live in response to a loving God. I would recommend this book highly, especially to high school, college and young adults.
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