Baby Shower

 I was supposed to go to a baby shower this afternoon, but I ended up canceling. Part of the reason is because I really didn't want to go. I mean I like the girl (obviously) but I just didn't want to go. Last night I ended up having a kind of emergency that made it even less likely that I could go, so I canceled. Sometime next week though I plan on stopping by her house to give her the presents. I bought some of this at Walmart on Black Friday
 Diapers.  For whatever reason babies poop a lot.
 Baby wipes for the same reason
 I'm not sure why babies don't use normal shampoo like the purple shampoo I use but whatever. I do think its funny that it's called baby wash though.
 Little people wash cloths. 
Baby socks. Seriously so cute. It almost makes me want a baby. But then I remember that I still have college to go through, and that I should be married and maybe even have a career before I have one. And I don't mean a career as a professorial blogger either (which I'm not, yet). 
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