All Evening

I swear, from about two this afternoon until a little after six  I had to go to college orientation with my parents. We went through things like technology use, different clubs available, and financial aid.   It wasn't' fun. I did learn a few things though. None of them were about What to Wear for College though.

The most important thing I learned was about financial aid. Later on, I'm going to do a full post about this (maybe like five actually) because I have a lot to say about it. To start out with I'm going to say that my parents make too much for me to be eligible for FAFSA which means that I can't even get any type of aid from the government, not even a loan. This is really dumb in a lot of ways because if my parents weren't agreeing to pay for my education I would be out of luck, and the government makes no provisions for this. No matter what until you're married or age 26 you are counted with your parents income. If I had to take out loans instead of the government 3.4% I'd have to get them at 6.7%. I could go on about how oddly high that percent is due to the lack of risk with the loan, but I'll save that for another post. It really is true that life isn't fair. Because someone's parents have money doesn't mean they do. 

Next they talked about the different clubs that they offered. Since it is a small school I think they felt the need to emphasis this. I'm not really that interested in being a part of the clubs because I only plan on staying for a semester. If they had a housewife club though, I would join that, because I'm a pro at baking gingerbread man cake pops. I think when I go to my real college that I'm going to do a few clubs though.

After this we did the technology stuff and enrolled in classes. I have a full schedule. Not even kidding. One of my classes though I may not have to end up taking which would mean three less credit hours. I'd still be enrolled full time though.  

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