A Spy

So you may be asking why I have a picture of my Oasap Sunglasses and really its a simple answer. There isn't a "real" reason. I think that when I have blog posts without pictures that they look a little boring though, so why not try and make it pretty. And they do have something to do with this post because spies like to wear sunglasses. Or at least I think they do. Oh and you can kind of see my phone, which I used for picture taking in the background. My iphone takes fantastic photos.

Seriously I really would be an amazing spy, or maybe since I'm lazy a private detective. Without even trying I'm so good at it. I'm good at making fake identities, and stalking people.  And when I "stalk" them I learn valuable information. Best of all I have an amazing memory that normal makes me feel like a creep, but when it comes to school work and just plain old knowing stuff, its amazing. Maybe one day I'll be a CIA agent instead writing things like a Disney shampoo review
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